We provide classes for couples throughout the year that will help them pursue and keep their love relationship burning for one another through the intense study of the Word of God. These classes cover many topics that marriages deal with on a daily basis: raising and training up children; how to deal with trials and struggles; handling finances; learning their role in marriage according to God's design, and many other areas.


"The Marriage Oneness class was a wonderful course that helped kick start my relationship with my wife into a healthy marriage. It exposed our weaknesses, strengths and even those touchy areas that no one wants to confront. I thank God for this opportunity as it gave my wife and I the tools that we needed to work and strengthen our marriage. The process has truly brought us closer together."Josh Rojas

"I personally enjoyed the workbooks. We'd have weekly assignments which helped strengthen our communication by getting the conversations started and it really helped us get on the same page. The course put me through changes, but the results were so worth it, they were truly life changing, and I'm so blessed that we had the opportunity to take it!" -Arie Adc Rojas

"Marriage Oneness taught us that it needs to be intentional. We specifically go over topics each week with a purpose. It opens the door for communication and with that, we have the tools we need to bring down 'self' and 'ourselves' and build up an 'us'."

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